Is this my final form?

When we talk about the destruction of monuments and what represents the monumental heritage we are talking about a kind of memory destruction. Every act of conservation and restoration invariably…

A monument to a monument

A monument to a monument/ 2022 Trying to investigate spatiality in its social conditioning, Henri Lefebvre (1901-1991)10 distinguishes three levels of space: spatial practice, representation of space, and representational space.…

History of the Future

History of the Future is a public action that took place in Split on October 15, 2021, as part of a research dedicated to the relationship between public space and…


The Blast Is Yet To Come 2020+

The Stories of NewRealism// The blast is yet to come// Acrylic on paper// 180×250 cm//

Bosnae 2017

The series of Zastave/ Bosnae 2017/ Oil on canvas/ 70×40 cm *From the series of NewRealism


From the series of NewRealism/ 2018 Objects & Pieces/”SAD”

Homage to D.B. 2020

The series of NewRealism/2020 Homage to D.B./2020 Mixed Media1,7×1,6m *The Series of NewRealism critically deconstructs the idea of a flag and monument through image and object as a basic element…

Victims of Fascism/Žrtava Fašizma 2020

Na ovom mjestu nalazilo se jedno od najzloglasnijih mučilišta i stratišta u gradu. Poslednji atlas ustaškog terora od 18. Februara do 4. Aprila 1945. Godine, kojim je rukovođeno iz ovdje…



Stories of NewRealism 2019/Ostajte Ovdje – Aleksa Šantić – Ostajte ovdje!… Sunce tuđeg nebaNeće vas grijat ko što ovo grije;grki su tamo zalogaji hljebaGdje svoga nema i gdje brata nije.…


“Bosnia & Herzegovina BNW” 2019 Series:NewRealism Acrylic, 100×100 cm

Socially engaged artists in BiH

Socially engaged art allows questioning, disclosure analysis of their own position and role in society, as well as the question of identity.When we talk about activism in art, we are…