Homage to D.B. 2020

The series of NewRealism/2020

Homage to D.B./2020

Mixed Media

The Series of NewRealism critically deconstructs the idea of a flag and monument through image and object as a basic element of the process of forming a collective identity. Creating a new perspective in which real public space coexists with surreal sculptural elements, it places the category of time and space into being through an individual, metamodern artistic position.
The deconstruction of the national flag through objects is only the starting point of the ironic reconstruction of identity through the use of the same chromatic spectrum in the space of the imaginary” sequel “of the abandoned and unfinished monument of Daniel Buren. 
The idea of the border and the flag as an extreme political symbol comes to grips with daily life, which remains trapped in its inability to react, understand, or change its position. conceptual dialogues, issues, and opportunities for reform in the social, political, urban, and artistic context of the present.